• Discussion of MFT models with key concepts, comparisons and easy techniques for remembering what you need to know. This Audio Review contains approximately 2 1/2 hours of discussion, clarifying each of the models of MFT, while contrasting the models and applying each to clinical situations. These tapes are ideal for reviewing Study Guide and Workshop material. Discussants are the Founding Partners of FSI:  Rob Guise, Michael Vickers and Jackie Gagliardi.  The MFT Audio Review CD is a non-returnable item.
  • eStudy

    The eStudy Program offers candidates 90 Day Subscriptions to access many of FSI's Marriage and Family Therapy Exam preparation resources from any internet-enabled computer. Our Interactive Practice Exams compare your results against yourself and others taking the exam online and provides personalized feedback across the MFT Models, Practice and Learning Domains and question types.
  • The 6th Edition of the FSI MFT Study Guide was updated to specifically cover the current AMFTRB Exam slated for each of the 12 testing windows in 2018 and beyond; the New  6th Edition contains the correct and accurate information about each of the Knowledge Domains that may appear on the Marriage & Family Therapy Licensing Exam. FSI's "Knowledge Domain-to-Chapter Map" shows where in the Study Guide information can be found about each domain.  As FSI hears of any changes to the exam, even after you have purchased the Home Study Program or Intensive Track, we will make the new content available to you via our eStudy site at a discounted price through our eStudy Program if you have purchased either the Home Study Program, eStudy Program or Intensive Track previously. As HIPAA has begun to appear more regularly on the exam, FSI has added an easy to understand HIPAA section in this new 6th Edition, as well as a chapter on Crisis Management and the DSM-5. Used by many COAMFTE Accredited MFT programs, the Study Guide serves as both a foundations and advanced theories text that will also successfully help you pass the AMFTRB National exam upon graduation.
  • The Home Study Program is designed for exam candidates who do not plan to attend a workshop but want to make full use of Family Solutions Institute's Core Study Materials. The Home Study Program may also be bundled with the new Virtual Workshop, a Live-Workshop or the eStudy Program for further discounts. Includes the Study Guide, MFT Models Pack, Interactive Practice Exam (100 questions), and MFT Audio Review (CD).
  • The Models Pack bundles the MFT Worksheets, Glossary and Comparison Chart. The MFT Model Pack is intended for knowledgeable exam candidates who need summary information to enhance home study and are already using a variety of other study materials. The pack includes: Model Worksheets; (outlines each of the models with primary concepts and techniques); a Comparison Chart; (displays the major concepts of 16 MFT models side-by-side for making it easier to compare and contrast the MFT Models) and the MFT Glossary, which defines 403 of the most important concepts in the MFT field.
  • This 100 Question Practice Exam is in a paper and pencil format.  It is half the size of the actual AMFTRB Exam and should be taken in a 2 hour time frame.  Correct answers are provided.