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Got my results, (6 weeks later!) Passed by 25 points!!
Thanks to Rob and FSO. The green book was very helpful. The FSO quizzes are great especially since they break things down, but the AMFTRB tests are more vague. Good luck! If you put in the time you CAN pass this exam!

Kimberly S., LMFT

Connecticut 01/03/2013

Kimberly S, LMFT

Morning Rob,

Thanks for the congrats. I scored an 81 on the exam. It was the first time I took it.

I found the FSI Study Materials to be extremely helpful. Standardized exams are tough and without the tips and strategies, I would not have passed the exam. I finished school in 2006 and when I first opened up the materials, I realized just how much detail I had forgotten. I needed a serious refresher on the theories, theorists, research, ethics, AAMFT-related info, etc. I really enjoyed the process of studying! I went through the BIG green book meticulously, took notes, reviewed notes and then went through it all again. I found the DVDs to be particularly helpful and listened to them daily on the trains while riding to and from work. I listened to the MFT audio review study materials, too. The more I studied, the easier it was to follow the audio content.

When I first took a practice exam, I scored in the 60’s and thought, I have a ton to learn. As I continued to study, scores went up. I took a practice exam the morning of my test and scored an 88, my highest score yet. It was a great confidence boost and I felt good going in.

I used the quick reference study guide and I spent twenty minutes “downloading” a reference sheet (Rob’s trick on the Virtual Workshop DVDs) at the beginning of the exam. I took breaks every 30-45 minutes, looked away from the computer and reminded myself to remain calm.

I didn’t use the forums as much as others, but found the discussion topics helpful.

Oh yeah, open up the Nichols book – it reinforced what the BIG green book covered and is easy to get through.

Thanks again for your help – I am happy to report that I received my license in the mail this week – a great way to start the New Year!

Kai C., LMFT

New York 01/03/2013


Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MFT licensing exam! Thank you for all of the helpful prep materials–definitely helped get me through it!
Happy new year!
Allison Fox, LMFT

Pennsylvania 12/31/2012

Allison F, LMFT


I took the exam November 15 and I passed my exam! Thanks you, Rob, for such great study material.

Colby P., LMFT

Texas 12/30/2012
Colby P, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I wanted to share my joy with you- I passed the LMFT Exam with flying colors! Your course provided the wind beneath my wings- Thanks for the wonderful, well organized study materials and your your excellent presentation- All the best-

Jacki O., LCSW, LMFT

New Jersey 12/26/2012

Jacki O., LCSW, LMFT

Thank you, Rob, for putting together such a helpful study practicum for the MFT exam. I am very happy to say, I PASSED!

Thank you,
Nancy A., LMFT

Oregon 12/26/2012

Nancy A, LMFT

I passed my Exam! Thank you, Rob, for such great study guides.

Sheri M., LMFT

Texas 12/22/2012

Sherri M, LMFT

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. I took it on Nov 9 and received my score yesterday. Thanks for all your help. Apparently the programs helped a great deal. I was really discouraged when I took the exam in Nov because it seemed unlikely that I had passed. So I am truly relieved. Thanks again, and I will recommend this program to others.

Gail W., LPC, LMFT

Georgia 12/18/2012


Rob, just a quick note to let you know that Jessie and I both passed the MFT Exam we took in August. We studied your materials and were both in the 1 day presentation you made in May at the Fort Hood Army Family Life building. I bought your DVDs at the end of the session and I think that helped too. I was shocked that the minimum passing score this round was 133/200. Jess and I did significantly better than that score, but only 20 of the 31 North Carolina test takers passed this round. There were 533 nation-wide test takers and I do not know what the overall pass rate was. I do not think any of the other chaplains chose to take the test during that same round. Thanks for your great support…

Blessings, Ch Mac.

Andrew G. M., Ch, Maj, USAF, LMFT

South Carolina 10/27/2012

Andrew G. M., Ch. Maj, USAF, LMFT

Hi Rob:

I am using your workshop, CDs, and Study Guide to learn material to pass the LMFT exam in Oregon. I wanted you to know that I enjoy your teaching methods, i.e. CDs an workshop. When you tell stories about the people who’ve developed the various models of therapy, it helps me link them in my brain. It gives a human touch to a dry subject. You are an excellent instructor, and I really appreciate your teaching methods.

Whether or not I pass, learning has been enjoyable. Thank you.

Nancy A., MFT Intern

Oregon 10/19/2012
Nancy A, MFT Intern

Dear Rob,

I want to thank you again, more formally, for your extraordinary training sessions and comprehensive materials. And, their incredible results!

It was with admitted reluctance, if not resentment, that I joined your preparatory program. At 70, I was not at all happy that, among other things, Florida required me to pass the national exam in order to transfer my long-standing license from another State. My apprehension and attendant angst were dramatically relieved when I saw the excellence of your training materials. I was equally impressed with your presentation during those two days of intense focus on the exam itself.

Taking your advice about studying; and feeling confident through your assurances, I passed the exam on the first attempt!

Please accept my gratitude as one of the many happy beneficiaries of the time, talent and wisdom that you have invested to ensure competence among your hopeful students. Your organization and laser focus are truly gifts to those who follow their template for success!

I trust that you are deservedly gratified by the joy and the opportunity that you make possible in our profession!

With warmest regards,

Laura Levin M., Ed.D., LMFT

Florida 10/16/2012

Laura Levin M., Ed.D, LMFT

Yea!!! I passed the exam. I wanted to thank you again for all of your support.

I believe sincerely in the services that you provide and am so very very grateful for you and Family Solutions. I have passed your information on to others and will continue to do so.

Thank you again for every big and little thing that you did throughout this process.

Dr. Sharon D. F. Ed.D. MBA, LMFT

Florida 10/11/2012

Dr. Sharon D. F. Ed.D. MBA, LMFT

Dear Rob,

I attended your two day workshop in May and I am proud to announce I passed the MFT Board Exam. Thank you and the Family Solutions Institute for your assistance!

Thank you,

Cynthia M., LMFT

Texas 10/10/2012

Cynthia M, LMFT

Hi Rob,
I passed! It still seems so surreal – I’ve been worried and studying for months. Thank you so much for coming to Las Vegas to do your seminar.
I used all of your Family Solutions Institute materials to prepare for the exam, and I really don’t think I would have passed the first time without them.
Thank you so much for Family Solutions Institute and for helping all of us interns pass the MFT exam!
Monique C., LMFT

Nevada 07/11/2012

Monique C, LMFT


I passed the Florida MFT exam the first time.


Your course and the material really helped me a great deal. The key points were the practice test questions. I took the practice test over and over again. Tell people that when they do that, they get good at that test, but not necessarily the material as a whole. They need to look at specific questions that they got wrong over and over again and find out why they struggle with that topic…then go do something to fix it. I kept a spreadsheet of my answers on Excel and highlighted the ones I got wrong. I could quickly see the questions that I missed multiple times and then see if I picked the same “wrong answer” each time. That let me figure out where I was making a mistake, what was fooling me, and how to fix it.

Your course helped a lot.

Rob O., LMFT

Florida 07/09/2012