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I took the MFT exam on May 23 and found out on July 6 that I PASSED. I used the ‘big green book’, CDs, charts, flash cards, practice tests, glossary and HIPAA information. In addition, I did my own outline. I studied from January through May. With all of that, I passed by only two points! In SC you needed a score higher than 133, I got a 135.

Thank you for providing the tools and assistance!!

Terry K., LMFT

South Carolina 07/08/2012

Terry K, LMFT

I was very apprehensive to open the letter sent by the State. I cannot thank you & Family Solutions Institute enough for the joy I felt today after learning I passed my MFT National Exam!
I have been licensed and practicing in California for the past 10 years but recently moved back to Reno to raise my family. Nevada Law & current regulations required that I take the National MFT Exam and was only given one chance to pass by the Nevada Governing Board. Not only was I upset that I had to retake the exam I was further stressed by the fact I only got one shot (which is something I am going to push to get changed.)
I would have never been properly prepared to pass if I had not read your guide and used your online resources. Your institute presented the material in a clear understandable way that helped my confidence and ability to be competent on all subject matter.
I strongly recommend your materials to anyone looking to pass the National Exam and am grateful that I found you in time having passed the exam under such strenuous circumstances.

Jay Jay L., LMFT

Nevada 03/26/2012

Jay Jay L, LMFT

Dear Rob-
I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I passed the National MFT exam- I could not have done it without you and the INTENSIVE eSTudy Y Program(as far as I am concerned, worth its weight in gold =)! After receiving the materials it became apparent to me that these were the study materials I needed to ensure my success.
As you know, I had a great deal of trepidation about taking this exam, several years passed before I decided to sit for it. As I mentioned to you in the past my initial plan for taking and passing the National MFT Exam was twofold: first I would study with a purchased review book (a random one from Amazon) and second, I planned on taking the practice exams given by the Association of Marital and Family therapy regulatory boards. Much to my surprise I learned that when I purchased and took the exams from the regulatory boards they were ONLY scored and no answer key were provided. I felt that was a complete waste of my time and money because I could not learn from my mistakes, nor could I begin to understand how to eliminate the wrong choices and eventually choose the correct answer. I then began as to explore what study materials were open to me- I came across Rob Guise’s website and was intrigued. It had all the component parts that I felt were integral to me passing the exam. As you know, I bought the package that included the text book (which I loved), study outlines, CD’s, and one practice exam (WITH AN ANSWER KEY!). I used those materials for approximately two months and decided that I needed to put in more time and effort I decided to reach out to Rob and much to my surprise- YOU RETURNED MY CALL! I spoke with you about my dilemma, and you made a recommendation as to the additional materials I needed and modified my study plan (DVD’s and more practice exams- again, worth their weight in gold to me =). That made all the difference in the world.
I cannot thank you enough! – Sincerely, Mellisa J., LMFT

New York 03/21/2012

Mellisa J, LMFT

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that I passed the MFT Board Exam… on my first attempt!!

I walked out of the exam feeling pretty discouraged. I was doing very well on the practice exams that were part of the eStudy program, but the actual exam questions were less focused on general theory, and more focused on specific details (v-codes, DSM diagnoses, etc.). Either way – I most definitely would not have passed if I hadn’t used the FSI study materials – so thank you!!

Victoria E., MSEd. LMFT

Florida 03/07/2012

Victoria E, LMFT

Dear Rob,

Hello! I have what I judge to be some exceptional news to share with you. This past June 2, I passed the Florida State Marriage and Family Therapy License exam; I am also happy to report I did so on my first attempt and must say I could not have without your assistance over the years. To perhaps brighten the scene further, I have currently succeeded in the 3rd (out of 4) obstacles toward finishing my Ph.D.
studies at Oxford and will possibly be returning to the U.S. soon to finish the remaining 18 weeks of internship supervision; this includes 95 direct client contact hours. I will receive my permanent MFT license, granted by the Department of Health, once these obligations have been met. I remain permanently grateful to you for your assistance and support as I strived to achieve these goals. I’ll keep you informed of my progress as you wish.

Thanks again,
David G., LMFT

Florida 12/16/2011

David G, LMFT

Just sending this email to inform you I passed the exam I took in September… I want to thank you for the material that helped me prepare most effectively for this very difficult exam….Many Aloha’s.
Tanya A.,LMFT

Tennessee 11/18/2011

Tanya A, LMFT

Dear Rob,
I just wanted you to know that I took the LMFT exam on Oct. 7 and passed it the first time through. This would have only been possible with your help. You and I spoke on the phone one evening — I have been an MFT in Texas since 1992 and recently moved to NYC. New York state was adamant about me taking the AAMFT approved exam.

I purchased your 2 DVD, 10 hour seminar (that you filmed in my hometown (!). I watched and made dozens of flashcards … studied a total of approximately 40 hours and was almost certain that I wouldn’t pass. However, I made 82%. Keeping your voice with me (and particularly the advise to get very “non-systemic”) was the only reason I passed. So many of the questions could have been accurately answered by two of the four choices but again, your strong suggestion to keep it very, very fundamental was essential.

Thank you!

Sincerely and warmly, Robert M., LMFT

New York 11/17/2011

Robert M, LMFT

Rob, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam. Thank you so
much for your help!!! Thank you for all of your help in preparing me for the exam.
Unfortunately I had taken it before and missed by a few points. You were very encouraging and recommended the right study materials. I just recently passed my exam. Woohoo! Thank you for the great advice and guidance.

Lindsey M., LMFT

North Carolina 11/11/2011

Lindsey M, LMFT

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that I took your workshop in August at Nova and passed the Florida exam. Your suggestion to watch videos of Family Therapy pioneers conducting sessions on Youtube really helped me develop a visual of the models which made it much easier to understand and differentiate between them.

Thanks so much!

Siva J., Ph.D., LMFT

Florida 11/10/2011

Siva J, LMFT

HI Rob,
I took the exam on September 26th. On Oct 31st the state of Washington issued my LMFT license and yesterday I got the license in the mail. This is the only information I have about my exam results, so I don’t know if I am ever going to know what my score was or not.

I am quite sure that using your materials was key to my passing the exam. I had been out of graduate school since 1998 and practicing in community mental health settings as a licensed mental health counselor. I hadn’t reviewed the academic materials in quite a long while. As an Antioch Seattle grad I sat in on a class using your materials and then expanded by purchasing the lectures and practice materials for individual studying. If I had it to do over again I would have taken even more practice tests as they really helped me focus on the areas I needed to review. I think I viewed the lectures twice. I did the HIPPA tutorial as well and I think that was critical as I would have been completely unprepared otherwise.
Thanks again for your help and encouragement.

Best Wishes,
Michelle B., LMFT

Washington 11/10/2011

Michelle B, LMFT

Took me three times, but I finally passed the dreaded AMFTRB Exam! I used Rob’s entire bag of tricks this time, and it made all the difference in the world. Those of you who invested in the Workshop DVDs…you made a wise investment. Go over them as many times as you possibly can. The audio tapes are very good resources as well–I listened to mine in the car and on my IPhone. My green study guide is highlighted in just about every color imaginable–pay attention to the rest of the “stuff”…don’t focus entirely on the various theories of marriage and family therapy. I used the study guide to fill in the spaces that the DVDs and CDs didn’t cover. Thanks Rob–I was preparing to jump out of a (basement) window if I didn’t pass this time. Ken V., LMFT

Colorado 11/10/2011


My name in Ann M. and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist originally grandfathered in to the first licensure available in MFT, back in 1986 in the State of Massachusetts. Since that time, with the necessity of national testing for licensure, I was familiar with Rob Guise and Family Solutions from the 10 years I had spent in MFT post-graduate work in Cambridge, Mass. between the years of 1984-1994. When it came time to study for the national licensing exam, I considered no other training program but Rob’s because I knew Rob’s sincere passion for the origins of our field. I knew Rob would be teaching how to take the exam based upon his 30-40 years of depth and involvement in the field. I, myself, felt like an old dog who would have to learn new tricks to pass the exam, given that I am a “lifer” too.

I found that Family Solutions accomplished both tasks: I was reminded of the profound wisdom embedded in the thinking of our early theorists and I was able to coalesce that with the more recent developments in our field. In considering a way to prepare for the exam, speaking as a “30 year vet” in the field, I would urge every new graduate to steep themselves in ALL of Rob’s material: go no holds barred and use every study tool and package Rob offers. He has put his heart and soul into them; his love of the field will inspire you to not only pass the exam but to be proud to be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Sincerely Yours,

Washington 11/07/2011


Hi Mr. Guise,
I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I have passed the State of Ohio MFT license exam. I am officially a LMFT in the State of Ohio!!!!! I want to thank you and Family Solutions for all of your help and outstanding study material. The DVD’s were excellent with comparing and contrasting the theories. Thank you again for all of your help!

Ms. Domonique R.MS, LMFT

Ohio 09/15/2011

Ms. Domonique R., MS, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Looks like I no longer have access to the FSO forum, but wanted to write and thank you for all your help!!! I am licensed in California, but due to my move to Alabama, I needed to take the national exam. I did as you suggested and forgot about my California prep materials and just used the FSO materials. I spent 4 months studying for the exam and I truly thought I failed it b/c the questions on the actual test were so vague. You gave me great advice and I appreciated your prompt responses to my questions. Obviously, your materials do indeed adequately prepare one for this exam. I was told I needed a raw score of 132 and mine was 159.

Again, thank you, and keep up the excellent service you are providing!
Karen G., LMFT

Alabama 09/14/2011

Karen G, LMFT

Hi Mike and FSI,

Just a note to let you know that I passed the MFT exam! The passing score in Connecticut was 128, and my score was 161.

Thanks very much for your help in the Workshop I attended. Although I have not yet received my license, I’m very happy that in a few weeks I can once again practice therapy!

Best regards,

Mary Ellen H., LMFT

Connecticut 07/14/2011

Mary Ellen H, LMFT