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Good evening Rob,

I wanted to follow up and let you know I successfully passed the licensing exam the first time. I would like to thank you for the study materials. I was very pleased with the study materials I received with the at home study package. I found the materials easy to read and comprehend even with limited familiarity of some topics prior to reviewing the material. I am not sure if you remember but I purchased the HIPPA practice test at the last minute and I also found it to be helpful. In hindsight it might have been better to purchase the HIPPA practice test sooner but either way it was helpful. The exam was quite challenging but one thing that was extremely helpful was having a working knowledge of all of the theories. By knowing the theories well I was able to eliminate answer selections that did not apply. Thank you again for providing study materials that provide adequate preparation for the exam. I will definitely recommend your materials to others.

Have a wonderful evening,
Ashley S., LMFT

Texas 07/07/2011

Ashley S, LMFT

I passed the exam!!! Don’t know how I would have doen it without your program!!! Thanks for all the help!!
Melissa N., LMFT

Florida 07/06/2011

Melissa N, LMFT

Dear Sir,

I selected your study program after some dissatisfaction with the program I was using and following a recommendation from a peer. When I purchased your material, I had ONE WEEK to prepare for the National MFT Exam. I took the week off and dove in. I am happy to report that today I learned, in large part due to your program, that I passed the National MFT Exam on my first attempt! I wholeheartedly endorse your study program, it was money well spent!


Steven K.LMFT

Texas 07/05/2011

Steven K, LMFT

Hi, I received my results yesterday from New York and I passed!!!!!! Am so happy. Videos and the manual helped quite a bit.

Hope the rest of you who took the exam in the previous time frame also receive good news.

Everyone else who is taking the exam soon, Good Luck!!!!
Sowjanya K.,LMFT

New York 07/05/2011

Sowjanya K, LMFT

Greetings! Received my results letter today from Arizona and luckily it started out with Congratulations! Didn’t expect results this quick but its a great start to the summer!

This was my first attempt (I’m licensed in CA) and used only FSO, took the practice exams, but put many hours into the materials (green manual, e-study course/practice exams, audio info.)

Cindy W., LMFT

Arizona 07/03/2011

Cindy W, LMFT

I passed!!!!!!!!

Whoooop Whooop!

This was my first time taking the exam and I only used the FSO material. I did the online intensive course with DVDs, CDs, books, practice exams, and a live workshop with Rob at Nova-Southeasrn just before the exam. Please see my study tips on my previous post.

The passing score in Florida was 75.

Good luck people!

Edvardo A., LMFT

Florida 07/02/2011

Edvardo A, LMFT

Hi All,

I just called the WA dept. of health, and I passed the exam!!! This was the first time taking it and I used only FSO materials. I studied using the dvd’s, audio cd’s, green study manual, hippa exams and practice exams. I also took two of the amftrb exams. All were very helpful. I also have to say, I’m really glad I invested in quality, group supervision since graduating two years ago. I found a surprising number of test questions on family law (i.e. sexual abuse, providing testimony, custody cases). Doing group supervision has given me the opportunity to hear many “what to do when…” scenarios.

Good luck to all, I hope you get great results!!

Debbie S., LMFT

Washington 07/02/2011

Debbie S, LMFT

Prior to taking my MFT national licensure exam, I attended Rob Guise’s weekend workshop/seminar at NSU in Florida. It was extremely helpful in helping me pass the exam on my first attempt!
Rob structured the workshop in such a way that it allowed for me to focus on the right materials to study and review from the get-go. Throughout the workshop, I valued the frankness of Rob’s approach to the test, and felt that he welcomed the feedback that the participants provided. Although the seminar was geared toward “the test”, it was also a collaborative learning experience, and Rob willingly incorporated comments/questions from the audience.
Most importantly, the work-shop gave me the tools to stay focused and remain on track with my study-plan. It worked.

Anne-Marie R. M.S., LMFT

Florida 04/01/2011
Anne-Marie R. M.S, LMFT

Thanks to Rob. I couldn’t have done it without this great program. I was quite sure I didn’t pass, so when the results came I was greatly relieved! I took the exam on January 10th, and just got the results today, March 23! Thanks Rob.
Joanna K., LMFT

Connecticut 03/23/2011

Joanna K, LMFT


I wanted to let you know that I had success with your program and passed my licensure exam. Your e-Study program and networking on the Family Solutions forum helped me to pass it on the second attempt. Thank you for all your encouragement and help. I will be forever grateful. Now the fun begins!

– Diane H., LMFT

Indiana 03/23/2011

Diane H, LMFT

Dear Rob,
Greetings and sincere thanks for all your help during my exam preparations.
At last, I have passed the exam!!! It is my wish to see you face-to-face in the near or distant future to say: “Thanks.”
Keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Joseph K., LMFT

Pennsylvania 03/19/2011
Joseph K, LMFT

Thank you for your awesome study materials. I only used your material and PASSED the MFT exam at about a 76% the first time. I purchased and bought other companies materials and found them to be extremely inferior to yours and did not even use them. I am just thrilled!!
Maile G., LMFT

Texas 03/18/2011

Maile G, LMFT

Hi, Rob!

Just writing to let you know that I passed the NY exam! I was so sure that I’d be taking it again in May but all my studying paid off! Family Solutions is a life saver! I never would have passed the exam without you guys! 🙂

Jessica K., LMFT

New York 03/17/2011

Jessica K, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Just found out I passed the exam. Thanks for the study materials and workshop.
Desiree S., LFMT

Connecticut 03/15/2011

Desiree S, LMFT

Hi Rob,
I PASSED!! Thanks for everything…I’m in State of Maryland and received letter from the Board on March 10th that I PASSED. It’s inadequate to describe in words how relieved I am and am still in the processing of embracing the relief and the thankfulness of it all. The many months of intense preparation, including finding the strength and determination to retake the exam, have all served a purpose for me….I am filled with gratitude and the immense joy to do the work that I so deeply love. Above all, I treasure all that I’ve learned.

In deep appreciation for the FSO study materials that helped to prepare me.

Kathy Y., LMFT

Maryland 03/13/2011

Kathy Y, LMFT