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I prepared for the AMFTRB exam by purchase of the Virtual Workshop DVD’s, study guide, audio CD’s and practice exams and passed with ease and without anxiety! Thank-you for your encouragement and easy to remember survival tips presented in all of your study materials. I really enjoyed the DVD’s which uniquely expanded the pertinent information as well as CD’s exceptional highlight. I followed your instructions precisely and saved the practice exams for the last few weeks prior to AMFTRB exam administration. By doing so I was provided concise insight and awareness of weaker areas requiring further study. I found your practice exams an accurate test of knowledge as verified on the break-down of my practice and AMFTRB exam scores. Also, bravo on the study guide which truly and specifically narrows the vastly overwhelming information to a palatable, retainable, essential base of information and study resource. I highly recommend FSO study preparation materials and excitedly anticipate and await Family Solutions’ New eStudy Continuing Education Program.

Thanks so much! I attribute recent passing of the AMFTRB exam through benefit of FSO’s excellent exam preparation.

Robin C., LMFT

Missouri 03/08/2011

Robin C, LMFT

Twenty two years after completing graduate school, I found myself preparing to take the LMFT exam. I had a few months to prepare and tried a few test prepping services, but none compared to Family Solutions Institute. Rob Guise’s methods of teaching are excellent and his process to remembering the vast amounts of material was extremely helpful. Not only was I was well prepared for the exam, but Rob’s direction and availability during a stressful time was very much appreciated.

Kalli K., LMFT

IL 03/08/2011
Kalli K, LMFT

Yes. I’m in Seattle, Wa. Just now checked the computer and I PASSED!! I had no idea, it could have gone either way. I was told 6-8 weeks so I thought I would have to wait at least another 2 weeks. Good wishes and luck to you all still waiting. Thank you Family Solutions, your material and tests helped and were the only materials I used.

Liz L., LMFT

Washington 03/05/2011


Just now checked the computer and I PASSED!! I had no idea, it could have gone either way. I was told 6-8 weeks so I thought I would have to wait at least another 2 weeks. Good wishes and luck to you all still waiting. Thank you Family Solutions, your material and tests helped and were the only materials I used.
Liz. L., LMFT

Washington 03/05/2011

Liz. L, LMFT

I want to thank Family Solutions Institute for creating an amazing website to help in preparation for the Marriage and Family Therapy licensing exam. Taking the Marriage and Family therapy licensing exam for five times was nerve wrecking and at times caused me to doubt my ability to be a Marriage and Family Therapist. However, I am glad to say that the study materials that Family Solutions Institute provided on their website such as the practice exams, home study guide, HIPAA practice exams, and the message boards with the study groups have been very beneficial in helping me to become less intimidated, and more confident in taking the exam. In addition, I want to specially thank Rob Guise for his words of encouragement. When I wanted to give up taking the exam during the third time, Rob said “you’re getting closer, you’re just a few points away.” Well Rob, you’re right I did get closer and finally passed the exam in the month of October 2010.
Thank you Family Solutions again and of course I can’t forget to mention many nights of prayers and my faith in God for that also help me to stay calm and make it through.

Lynette H.,LMFT

New York 01/11/2011

Lynette H, LMFT

Aloha Rob,
I just want to share that I passed my MFT Exam (Hawaii). I am grateful for the practice material provided Family Solutionse. The test was definitely hard, but studying was fun. I took advantage of everything, from listening to the CDs during long drives to setting meetings on the chatroom and messaging. I connected with people who were very supportive. It was a wonderful journey…now…a new one awaits!

Makela M. B-K, LMFT

Hawaii 11/28/2010

Makela B-K., LMFT

Rob, Thank you for the update…it is with great delight to tell you I took the exam and received 80%…thanks for the great study materials as that is almost all I used!!


Karen Anderson, MS, LMFT

Nevada 11/19/2010

Karen A, LMFT

I didn’t think I’d have to prepare for another MFT licensing exam after I was licensed in California several years ago ….. that is until I moved away from the Golden State last year. A kind therapist, also moved from CA several years prior, recommended the study materials from FSI. Rob responded promptly to my contact and gave me encouraging practical advice as how to prepare for the National Exam. The Study Guide offers a comprehensive review; the CD & worksheets enhance the auditory and visual learning process; and the eStudy provides the much needed interaction and support from the MFT-test-taking community across the country. I put in hundreds of “hard-hours” as Rob recommended. I don’t think I would pass the first time had I only used the text books I have. Thank you Rob and FSI!!

Sissi T., LMFT

Hawaii 11/18/2010

Sissi T, LMFT

Hello Rob,
Just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam with 80%!! I was sure I’d failed (it was very hard), but I guess all the prep paid off…thank you!

Sage G., LMFT

Rhode Island 11/12/2010

Sage G, LMFT

Dear Rob,

I passed the exam. I received my results in the mail today. In Connecticut the passing score was 133. I got a 151 woot!!!! My sincerest gratitude for helping me pass the exam the first time. When I started trying to review all my old school notes, books, etc, I felt lost and overwhelmed. You helped me to organize all of the mass amounts of information. Rob I owe you a hug lol.

Good luck to everyone else who has yet to take the exam!!!

Fact: Rob Guise knows MFT

Fact: If you buy Rob Guises dvd’s, audio tapes, flash cards, etc. you can pass the first time!!!

Fact: Thomas M., MS, MFT is now Thomas M., LMFT

Connecticut 11/11/2010

Thomas M, LMFT

Rob – I just learned I passed the National MFT Exam with a 157 (minimum to pass was 133) on my first attempt. I attribute this largely to the FSI workshop and study materials–definitely worth my investment of time and money. I attended an FSI workshop in the spring and performed miserably on the practice exam we were given. So, I bought a bunch of the study materials (all were valuable, but in the order I found helpful: Audio CDs, Online Practice Exams, Big Green Book, Flash Cards), and started listening to the CDs immediately in the gym, the car, etc. About a month before the exam I started working my way through the green book in my spare time. I then took a week of vacation immediately before the exam and crammed. I had a few questions during the process, and Rob was very responsive by e-mail. Thank you Rob and FSI!

Kris C., LMFT

Louisiana 11/07/2010
Kris C, LMFT

Although I have no idea what my score was, I was recently informed that I passed (my first testing attempt) and was immediately issued my LMFT!!!!!!! YEA!!!! Because I waited so long after graduation, I was basically relearning EVERYTHING and the only materials I used were from FSI, so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I honestly could not have passed without the home study program…….Thank you Rob for creating this program and for all your help in this endeavor. Congratulations to all of you who passed, and good luck to those of you who are about to take the exam!
Elizabeth W., LMFT

Georgia 11/06/2010

Elizabeth W, LMFT

Hi Rob:

Just wanted to let you know that I passed! The hurl has come to an end. I wanted to thank you for ALL that you have done in helping me pass this exam. Thank you very much!!!


Stephanie C., LMFT

 Pennsylvania 11/04/2010
Stephanie C, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I hope this email finds you well.

I attended your MFT license exam preparation workshop at Nova this past September. I was sitting at the front,eager to have my head be “filled” with all your knowledge.

I sat for the exam on Oct. 13 and since then I have been meaning to email you. Not to my surprise, while answering the 200 questions, I felt that in your workshop you touched on the “right” spots at times really, really closely.

While I was way far from investing 200 hours of training as you advised us to fully fill my mind with the required knoweldge, having been taken by my dissertation work, surprisingly I passed the exam. I recived the scores today.

My technique of matching two things I didn’t know, as I practiced during your workshop, worked once again (!!!). And my time investment studying in addition to your workshop for no more than a total of 8 hours helped as well. Within these considerations I have to fully attribute my 78 score (very close to failing due to the above two reasons) to your workshop, so, thank you very much.

I’ll tell everyone I know about your training…it really works!!!!!


Marcela P., LMFT

Florida 11/02/2010

Marcela P, LMFT

I Passed!!!!!!
Thank-You Jesus and FSI…Thanks to Rob Guise for encouraging me to move forward and take the exam and order study material in mid august it was tight but I am soooo glad I took your advice. FSI study material is excellent..it made the difference.
Patrick M., LMFT

PA 11/02/2010

Patrick M, LMFT