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Dear Rob!

How are you?

I just want you to let you know that I passed! Thank you very much for your caring support!

All the best I wish you!!!


Noelia L., LMFT

New Jersey 07/12/2010
Noelia L, LMFT

Hello Rob Guise,

I had been in contact with you a few months ago and used Family Solutions practice exam to study for the LMFT National Exam.
I firmly believe with the help of your prep material, kind words on the phone, and much prayer, I am happy to announce that I passed the national exam and passed it well.
Thank you for your work to help me and others to succeed in the endeavor to overcome a difficult exam.
Yours gratefully,
Joi S., LMFT

Minnesota 07/12/2010


Hey Rob,

I just called the state board in Florida and found out that I passed the MFT
exam on the first try with a score of 82. I took the test on June 12th. The
exam was very hard with tricky questions. I really thought I had failed. I
studied from January 2010 up until June 11, 2010. I played the CDs, watched
the DVD and took the 100 & 200 practice exams over and over again. Thank you
for all of your help and resources. With gratitude, Elizabeth P. ,LMFT

Florida 07/11/2010

Elizabeth P, LMFT

Thanks Family Solutions for the gift of information. I passed the exam. Thank GOD that part of my life is over.


Xavier S., LMFT

California 07/11/2010

Xavier S, LMFT

NC released the scores this week and I’m happy to say that I passed with a 155 — 132 was the cutoff. I am thankful for the materials on this site as I am 100% positive they helped me to get over the hurdle.

Larry G., LMFT

North Carolina 07/11/2010

Larry G, LMFT

NC released the scores this week and I’m happy to say that I passed with a 155 — 132 was the cutoff. I am thankful for the materials on this site as I am 100% positive they helped me to get over the hurdle.

Larry G., LMFT

North Carolina 07/11/2010

Larry G, LMFT

I passed! Thank you and your team for the extremely helpful materials. When I started I had a difficult time even wrapping my mind around what to consider first! Your materials narrowed down my notes and made me focus on the essential information – not ALL of the information, which can be overwhelming. The CDs were so helpful, I felt like the information was being poured into my head each time I drove to work. The Study Guide was the other tool that was fantastic. In addition, your willingness to email me directly and communicate with me was great! Thank you for that personal approach to my studies.

I have now passed the exam and I am ecstatic.
Thank you,
Marta Q., LMFT
Chicago Il.

Illinois 07/09/2010

Marta Q, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to let you know I passed the February Exam.
I scored 159 out of 200. Passing was 131. I passed because of your program.
In fact Rob, all I did was your program!
Here is what I did….
1. Took the practice exam in the study guide.. Scored 54%
2. Made a list of topics to review.
3. Reviewed topics I thought I needed to work on in Study Guide.
4. Took online practice exam. Scored high 50s’ (you’d have to look at my scores online I can’t remember)
5. Listened to the CD’s repeatedly and watched the DVD’s
6. Took an online practice exam Scored 81% online exam
7. Read sections of your Study Guide related to my weak topics
8. Reviewed DVD’s again continued listening to CD’s
9. Took online practice exam and Scored 82%
10. Took my exam.

I probably put about 30 – 40 hours into the studying. I went into the exam thinking either I haven’t done enough and need to do more hours of studying or I’ll pass. I let go of the outcome and stuck with the process.

I really appreciate it.

Scott S., LMFT

North Carolina 04/28/2010

Scott S, LMFT

Hi Rob!

I took your prep workshop in Austin, TX this past January and I wanted to let you know that I passed the LMFT exam on my first try! I still haven’t received my scores or license yet, but I wanted to let you know and thank you for all your help in the exam prep. I am definitely glad that I do not have to take it again!

Thanks so much!
Brittany N, LMFT

TX 04/01/2010

Brittany N, LMFT

Wow. If only I had had these materials for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd try. This made the difference for me. I realized you have to be able to pick out the subtle clues in each answer that relate to a theory. Then decide which theory the question is trying to get at. This really has nothing to do with how you practice as a therapist. I am an auditory learner so having the CD for my car and the workshop DVDs was a huge help. The book is written really well and should be a part of every marriage and family program. It helps make those theories whose history overlaps a lot a lot clearer in their actual differences. Using the white board to put down the theories ahead of time helped my confidence but they said I had to wait until my time started to do it. Hang in there…hopefully you won’t have to get to the 4th try.

Linda J., LMFT

Washington 03/21/2010

Linda J, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I passed in North Carolina with a score of 169! Many thanks to you and Family Solutions. Your materials were invaluable.

Susan K., LMFT

North Carolina 03/15/2010

Susan K, LMFT

Thanks to Rob; I PASSED!

After countless days, nights and weekends studying i passed this grueling exam the first time around!!!! I know that this would not have been possible without the guidance, organization and support of Rob Guise. The study Materials were invaluable as well as the practice exams. I am forever grateful for all the support! – Nadine O., LMFT

Connecticut 03/14/2010

Nadine O, LMFT

After two years and three tries, I finally passed with a score of 79.5 (159/200)! The first previous try I missed it by two questions; second time missed by one question. I was beginning to think that at 57 years old, it just was not gonna be possible. However, knowing the material as Rob presents it, and understanding HOW to interpret the questions were exactly what I needed. Definitely could not have done it without Rob & Family Solutions.

Also, don’t know if it matters, but I am in Kentucky.

Thanks Again Rob & Family Solutions


Kentucky 03/13/2010


Just a quick note to thank you for the help I received from the LMFT National exam study guide. In brief, I am psychoanalytically trained, haven’t been in school since 1988. Never took any courses in MFT. I studied about 300 hours and more than successfully passed. I was grandparented into a license years ago, yet was offered a very big leadership position in Hawaii. I needed a license in Hawaii, thus I had to take the exam.

This study guide is excellent and should be required reading in all graduate level MFT programs.

Thanks! I couldn’t have accomplished what I did if I had not ordered and extensively used your study guide.

Dr. Robert C. A., LMFT

Hawaii 03/12/2010

Dr. Robert C. A, LMFT


I passed the Hawaii License Exam. The passing score is 131 but my score was 144. Thank you so very much!

Robin Y., LMFT

Hawaii 03/12/2010

Robin Y, LMFT