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Dear Rob,

I just wanted to commend you for creating such a useful and easy way to study for the MFT exam.

I passed!

I found out about FSI through a classmate of mine who used your study tools to take and pass the exam. I will without a doubt recommend you to others.


Amy D. R., LMFT

Virginia 03/11/2010

Amy D. R, LMFT

Thank you so much, Rob and Family Solutions!!!!

I would NOT have been able to do it without you and Everyone else.

I feel very grateful to you and everyone else who was pulling for me….behind me!!!

Jeannie B., LMFT

Hawaii 03/10/2010

Jeannie B, LMFT

Hi Rob, To put it simply, Family Solutions Institute helped me pass!!! I had to take the exam twice, and I regret not utilizing this resource the first time around. One of the ingenious and thoughtful designs of your program is that it caters to multiple learning styles. I was able to utilize the online course material, audio/visual, along with the course book. I found the practice tests to be one of the significant elements in getting familiar with the process of this type of exam. The materials offered are comprehensive and thorough. Where my Masters Program lacked in content, Family Solutions filled in the gaps. In fact, the content of the material was so rich, that it enhanced my clinical work. How many exam preparation resources can you say that about?! Thanks for your great work!

~Nancy Y., LMFT

Massachusetts 03/10/2010

Nancy Y, LMFT

Hey, Rob! I have good news. I passed the MFT exam!! Yea!! It was hard as heck and I thought it would take a miracle to pass, and it did. Thanks for your resources and encouragement. I’ll definitely recommend your prep to future supervisees 🙂 see, I’m already thinking ahead.


Althea S., LMFT

Florida 03/09/2010
Althea S, LMFT

Thanks, Rob!

I found out yesterday that I passed the exam. After taking the exam three times before, it was exciting and a relief to see those words, PASSED! I am grateful for your encouragement and the materials FSI had to offer. I found the DVDs were most helpful, in addition to the online study guide and quizzes, as I have been out of grad school for 9 years.

I am soon to not only be licensed in California, but in Oklahoma as well.

Blessings to you and the guidance you provide to all future MFTs.

With gratitude,
Carolyn H., LMFT

Oklahoma 03/08/2010

Carolyn H, LMFT

Thank you Family Solutions! I just received my results. The passing score was 131 and I got 160/200! I’m an auditory learner and got a lot of use out of the audio CDs as well as the DVDs of the virtual workshop. I read the study guide and took notes, then watched the virtual workshop and took notes. Then I used a free program called audacity to record myself reading all my notes. I saved them as MP3 and put them on my i-pod and listened to everything…a lot…
Thanks again.

Amy K., LMFT

Oklahoma 03/04/2010

Amy K., LMFT

Dear Rob,
I now have licensure as an MFT, and I want to thank you for all the study helps you provided for me to use in preparation for the national exam. The testing service reported back to me that I scored 81%. Frankly, on the day of the exam, I was grateful to simply get to the end of the test with a few minutes to spare.

I studied hard, but the key for me was your test-taking preparation. If I hadn’t learned to pace myself or how to read the questions carefully, the outcome might have been very different.

I appreciate your kindness and the wonderful preparation offered at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary by Dr. Townsend. Please pass my thanks on to him. I attended two workshops and they both were excellent. He helped me study the right content to help fill in the gaps in my education. At this point, I believe the preparation was very cost-effective.

If I can ever be of service to you or FSI, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

David L. F., LMFT

Kentucky 01/25/2010

David F, LMFT

Hi Robb,

I took your workshop at Nova Sountheasters in September. Before your workshop, I failed the exam twice by one point each time. Two days after the workshop, I took the exam for the third time and PASSED! Not only did I pass, but I increase my score by over ten points. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without your help, so I just wanted to say thank you very much! I hope you have a Happy New Year.

Nicole F., LMFT

Florida 12/30/2009

Nicole F, LMFT

Dear FSO Staff:

Thank you so much for your program. I would like to express my gratitude for creating a program that puts so much information in a learnable format. I had failed the LMFT exam twice by one point before purchasing your program but with the help of Family Solutions Virtual Workshop, the Big Great Study Book and audio CD’s, I was able to not only pass the exam but improve my score by 25 points. When I met with the Oklahoma Licensing Board for my oral exam, they asked what had I done to improve my score so significantly, and I said “Family Solutions gave me the materials in a format that made sense to me.” I feel like this program is a life saver and it made such a significant difference in my general knowledge of MFT material and also opened my eyes to different theories that I hadn’t previously learned while in graduate school. Thank you again for creating this program and please know that I am so pleased with the results of Family Solutions’ and the price was totally worth it. I would recommend this to anyone who is preparing for the MFT exam.

LeAnn R. S., MA LMFT

Oklahoma 12/18/2009


I found the FSI materials to be a great resource for passing my National MFT exam on my first try! The virtual DVD and e-study program were wonderful teaching tools for me. Rob presented the workshops in a manner that was interesting, easy to learn and that made you feel like you were attending it live. Although I was in practice for many years in California, through the FSI materials, I was able to learn some great new theories to add to my future work as a therapist. Thank you Rob for teaching me how to understand and implement the material in a way that helped me to pass this challenging test!
Shawna L., LMFT

Maryland 11/20/2009

Shawna L, LMFT

Four years out of grad school, 53 years old, private practice. Whew! Thanks so much!

Barbara M., LMFT

Washington 11/09/2009
Barbara M, LMFT


I just received news that I passed the Sept/Oct exam. I scored 170 and the passing score was 131! I really appreciated the study materials, especially the online workshop. It helped me organize the massive amount of content. All the best to you and my other colleagues in the MFT field.

Jesse L., LMFT

Maryland 11/09/2009

Jesse L, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to email to say thank you for creating the Study Guide materials and workshop. I took your course at Nova in South FL. I doubt you will remember me but I was one of the clinical social workers going for dual licensure. I also had not studied that much but was going for cram mode. And believe it or not, it worked for me! I actually scored a scaled score of 86% and a raw score of 81.5%. I definitely could not have done it without FSI’s help. Thanks again!

Florida 11/09/2009


I just received the amazing news that I passed the Sept./Oct. MFT exam! The passing score in NY was a 75 and I got an 87! I want to thank the Family Solutions staff, especially Rob Guise for his encouragement and guidance. I genuinely could not have done it without the Family Solutions materials as I would not have even known where to begin or where to focus my limited time, energy, and attention. In addition to the big green book, I especially found the audio CDs and flash cards to be very helpful. I memorized all 404 definitions and it definitely paid off!

With much gratitude (and relief),
Ami B., LMFT

New York 11/06/2009


Thanks so much Rob! I passed my first attempt. I found the Family Solutions Institute material invaluable. It was certainly instrumental in my passing. I also want to especially thank you for promptly replying with the few questions I had during my study period. So, again thanks so much your help was greatly appreciated. Jay L. S., LMFT

Hawaii 11/06/2009

Jay L. S, LMFT