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Just letting you know that I received my exam score today and I passed…72…and passing was 65.5. I basically prepared by taking your online exams during the months of August and September..I took the exam on October 2nd and was overwhelmed and basically glued to my seat once I read the first question. For 3 hours and 45 minutes I I focused on the test completely because I was overwhelmed. The week before the exam I took the PES online exam and failed …63. I called FSI and spoke with you and was grateful for your advice and encouragement…In fact you said that you thought I would “rock.” I didn’t guite rock, however, I did pass and I am grateful… thank you for your positive reframe or is that a positive connotation…( it doesn’t matter, I passed). Thanks again for your online preparation…

Leslie P., LMFT

Massachusetts 11/06/2009

Leslie P, LMFT

Rob & Staff at FSO:

I just wanted to say thank you for the program you offer. I took my LMFT exam yesterday and it was my third attempt. I know this time I knew more information and was able to make an incredible sheet when I sat down to test.

Thank you for making the enormous amounts of information manageable to memorize and helping me connect the dots. I thought the Virtual Workshop was terrific and the Study Guide amazing. Although I don’t know the results of the exam, I wanted to thank you for providing a straightforward way to learn utilizing all learning styles. I will definitely tell all LMFT candidates to purchase your course the first time. (Sure wish I had known about you before I spent two failed attempts). And I thank you again for the memorization tool “getting inside of the house” as it came in handy for me.

Thank you again.

LeAnn S., MA LMFT candidate

Oklahoma 10/11/2009

LeAnn S., MA , LMFT candidate, LMFT

Rob and Mike,

I want to thank you both for helping me pass the exam on my first try!
I took the California exam 11 years ago, before I moved to Connecticut, where I had to face taking it again.
Rob, you were right to tell me what a very different exam the AAMFT is, as compared with the CA exam.
I paced myself through your study guide and tapes, then hit the books on theories I needed more help with.
Mike, your two day workshop was invaluable! Your deconstruction of the exam questions and the exam ‘theory’ was particularly helpful.
Your careful and clear delivery of the materials was a model to me throughout my studying.

I couldn’t have done it without FSI.
Thank you, thank you.

Morel M., LMFT!

Connecticut 07/24/2009

Morel M, LMFT

Thank you Rob Guise,
I was successful on the first try.
Helen S., LMFT

Texas 07/22/2009

Helen S, LMFT

I took your LMFT weekend prep course in May of 2009, took the exam for the first time in June and recently found out that I had passed. First, thanks for the information provided in both book and prep class, I don’t believe I would have passed without it.

Thanks, Mike C., LMFT

Texas 07/20/2009

Mike C, LMFT

Hi Rob-

The Family Solutions Institute material was top-notch and was no doubt part of me passing the national exam with a 173 (minimum passing was a 137). In particular I found the audio CD to be the most helpful and must have listened to it at least 25 times on my commutes. I also thought the textbook was excellent and thorough. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone studying for the exam.

Ken C., LMFT

Arkansas 07/19/2009


Hi Rob,

I graduated December 2008. I wrote the MFT national examination for the first time in May 2009. I have not heard from the Florida Board as yet. However the Professional Examination Service informed me through a letter yesterday that I passed.

Thanks for your help! Your materials guided my preparation.


Floriday 07/14/2009


Hi Rob,

I received notification that I PASSED the MFT test! Thanks for all of your help, guidance, and encouragement!

In gratitude,
Jennifer F., LMFT

Florida 07/14/2009

Jennifer F, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Do you remember teaching in Austin, TX around the 20th of May to a mother of 4 boys who brought her entire family (crazy woman what was she thinking?) and got a low score on the practice test……. Well the good news is I passed the exam I took in June. The resources you & your team have combined were a tremendous asset in helping me organize and focus on the information that the board was looking for in order to pass the test. I will refer others to your program. It is excellent!

Thank you

Kim H., LMFT

Oklahoma 07/13/2009


Hi Rob,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your great study guide and materials! Although I only allowed myself 5 weeks to study (because I did not want to wait until the next window in May/June), I passed with an 87%! I took the test on February 6, 2009 and in mid-March I found out I passed! I am sure I could not have scored this high without all of your materials–in addition to your study guide, the CDs and flashcards were immensely helpful. I studied a total of about 195 hours in those 5 weeks, so it was a lot of work, but your materials made it so much more organized and easier to focus!

Thanks again for everything–including your prompt replies to my emails!
Suzanne C., LMFT

Utah 04/08/2009

Suzanne C, LMFT

Hi Rob, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your study materials. I’m happy to report that I passed my exam! I found your study guide very thorough and easy to follow. I also appreciate your customer service and the personal attention you afforded me.

Thanks again,

Jose P., LMFT

New Jersey 04/06/2009

Jose P, LMFT

HOPE ALL OF YOU HAVE THE SAME SUCCESS I HAD. Thank you Rob for all your guidance. I really appreciate your support and the support of this community.

Ronella F., LMFT

North Carolina 03/30/2009

Ronella F, LMFT

Hi Rob –

I purchased some study materials from you for the MFT exam, which I took in the Jan-Feb window. I was thrilled to find out that I passed (89%!!) Your study guide and all materials that went along with it were the reason I passed the test. So, a very big and heartfelt thank-you to you!!
With much gratitude,
Claire M., LMFT

Connecticut 03/29/2009

Claire M, LMFT

Hello my name is Andre and I wanted to just shoot you an email thanking you for your great product. I took the exam last month and pasted it by twelve points.
The study guide was a big help along with the computerized test you provided with it.
Anyway, thank you for being apart of my journey of success.

Andre C., LMFT

Oklahoma 03/26/2009

Andre C, LMFT

This is Justin H. I am just writing to let you know that I passed the MFT exam with 73%. I think your material was abig part of it, just looking at it over and over again…….Thanks again for your help. Take care!
Justin H.LMFT

Texas 03/25/2009

Justin H, LMFT