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Finally got the results today! 80%! So glad this is over. Family Solutions was my main study guide (especially the cd). THANKS

Sarah C., LMFT

South Carolina 03/17/2008
Sarah C, LMFT

Aloha Rob,

Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to share with you that I got a mail today and I PASSED!!! I am very excited about this news ; ) Since I didn’t know if I was able to take the test or not till the end of December I was shooting for passing in June. Your estudy program helped me very much, and I have no idea how to thank you for all your assistance. To me, estudy program as well as MFT Audio Review CD helped the most (of course after finish reading the FSI Study Guide). Thank you very much again!


Hawaii 03/15/2008

Arika M

Hi Rob, just wanted to thank you for the prep materials and the refresher class in Ft. Lauderdale in Jan. I received my results today from the board in Mass and passed with an 85! Hopefully I will sell my house in Fla. and be developing a private practice in Western Mass. soon.

Best, Leslie B.

FL 03/12/2008

Leslie B

Hi Rob,

I received my letter today. I passed. Thanks for the study guides and all, they were a big help.


Bill H.

Colorado 03/11/2008

Bill. H

Hi Rob-
Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the MFT exam! I took your Texas workshop, (I am from UNLV….Vegas…) ordered all of your materials and found everything helpful. I am very glad that I took the workshop-it really helped me to think critically about the answers on the exam and to pull the questions and answers apart to get to what answer the test writer wanted.

I scored an 86%. The highest in NV was an 88%. This was my first time….and thank God the last!!

Thanks again-
Cynthia K.

Texas 03/11/2008
Cynthia K

Dear Rob and Mike,
Took the exam Feb. 9 and heard today that I passed! It was harder than I expected but your materials did the job. Thank you. I am very relieved to be on the other side of the exam. I learned so much from the Study Guide. It is laid out in a way that you can grasp the history and track the progression in the field.
God bless you both.
Randy P.

Pennsylvania 03/11/2008

Randy P

Thank you Rob for the great study guides and for doing the workshop. I feel the workshop really showed me what I needed to focus on. I passed the first time with an 82. What a relief!! Thanks again!!

Good Luck to all!

Laura R., LMFT

Florida 03/11/2008

Laura R, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I wanted you to know that I took my exam in NY on February 8th and received the final results this Friday, March 8th. I PASSED!!!!!!

I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help along the way. The materials were so easy to use and I felt as though your team on the C.D. was with me 100%. Many times when I was listening to the C.D.’s I was stressed, driving to work and trying to absorb the information. However, throughout the dicsussions, you all managed to keep your sense of humor and I found myself laughing at some of the real life examples that you gave, like when you were discussing diffuse boundaries and said “like a coffee filter with a hole in it!” There were several other examples I could give, but you know what I mean. Humor is very important when you are stressing out!!! What also helped was the exams. It made me familar with taking it online as well where my weaknesses were so that I could concentrate on improving those areas. I don’t know if you remember, but I was having problems downloading the exams and I wrote you on “super bowl Sunday”. You responded within a few hours with your guidance!!! I couldn’t have done it alone.

Thank you and please thank the team for me!!

Normajean C.

New York 03/10/2008

Normajean C

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my MFT Exam!! I truly believe that your workshop and your materials provided everything I needed to succeed! Thank you so much!

Karleen S. MA, CH, LMFT

Florida 03/09/2008

Karen S, LMFT

Dear Rob,
Just a quick note to say that I passed with an 82. Thank you so much for your guidance, personal help, and study materials. It was not easy…but it was definately easier with your materials! Again, thanks. Alesia

Florida 03/07/2008

Alesia W


This is John S. from Texas. I wanted to let you know how I did on the test. I PASSED!!!! I do not have the right words to thank you enough for your help. The seminar was worth every penny. The testing strategies that we discussed on Saturday were the difference. I had studied so much for the prior times I took the test that this time I listened to the cd’s and I passed. I guess I’m not an idiot. Thank you again for everything. I hope this finds you doing well, and I hope your bike trip to Europe went well and you had a great time. Thank you again. Take care.


John S., MFT Associate

Texas 11/27/2007

John, S, MFT Associate

Hey Rob, Just wanted to thank you for all the support through FSI study materials and the conference in Austin. I beleive this was the key along with God’s grace that helped me pass the exam in Nevada. Scored an 81% and was told 11 passed out of the 21 who tested (seems close to natl average you mentioned). The review of theories and taking the practice exams calmed my fears before testing and gave me the confidence to effectively test.

Thanks again.

Nevada 11/26/2007

Vickie G

Hello Rob,
Aloha from Maui! Good news: I finally passed the MFT licensure exam.
Am officially LMFT # 178.
I was calmer this time, centered and confident (read the FSI Study Guide a total of three times).

As my supervisors have done in the past, I’ve given other budding MFTs your web site address. A few of them wanted my green bible, but I told them to order their own, mark it up, and make it their best friend.
I did.

Mahalo for all you do for this much-need profession.
Take care,
Lydee R., LMFT

HI 11/25/2007

Lydee R, LMFT

Dear Rob,

Please add me to your statistics or data base…ha..
I am one of your students who passed the exam!
I took the exam in October, and I have my license, as of Nov. 16, 07.
I appreciated very much your ideas, comments and tips on the process of studying for the exam.

I understand the two people who had taken the exam 11 times and 6 times, in Florida, passed it this time too.
Just FYI.
Happy holidays!
Maria Elena H., LMFT (!!)

Florida 11/23/2007
Maria Elena H, LMFT

Hi Professor Guise,

I hope you remember me, I attended your class back on September, I’m the girl from Argentina; i just wanted to let you know that i passed the marriage and family therapy licensure exam. It was my first attempt and I passed with 75! so i coudn’t be happier. thank you for your wonderful class, it was of a great help!

Barbara H., LMFT

Florida 11/20/2007

Barbara H, LMFT