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I passed!!!! Thanks so much for all the help and support!!!

Pennsylvania 08/18/2016

David N.,, LMFT

I am pleased to inform you I have just received notice of passing my LMFT national exam!!!! Thank you for the help; the DVD’s and guidance was very helpful! I have just submitted my finaly application and am waiting on my new license 🙂 Every Blessing,

Washington 07/15/2016

Lori D. W., MA, MHP,, LMFT

I graduated this weekend and returned home to find letter waiting…


Thank you Rob!!

Texas 07/12/2016

Jamie W.,, LMFT

Hey Rob :-). I feel bad for not posting on the site or letting you know that I PASSED first time through thanks to FSI. Woof – that was quite a challenge and I couldn’t have done it without FSI.

Georgia 07/11/2016

Deborah M.,, LMFT

Your materials did the trick. I passed the MFT exam with a 165, and only needed a 144 to pass. My score equates to about 82.5%. Thanks for the help and great study materials.
All the best,

Washington 07/08/2016

Brad S.,, LMFT

I want to send my deepest thanks to Rob Guise and Family Solutions Institute! Before discovering FSO, I had taken the test 2 previous times. Needless to say I had nearly given up. Rob was always very prompt in my email contacts to help me with which testing material to purchase, responded when I needed guidance while using the material, and was very encouraging! I took the test after 3 months of dedicated studying as outlined in the Estudy program and home materials. I recently got my results and I am proud to say that I didn’t only pass but I blew my previous scores out of the water, I am so very thankful for this program and will recommend to any individual that is seeking license as a LMFT!

With sincere thanks and utmost gratitude,

Texas 06/15/2016

Courtney D.,, LMFT

I passed !!!!
Not to frighten anybody, but I must say that this exam was the hardest exam that I have EVER taken. The vagueness of the questions and the format of questions itself were horrible. The practice tests at FSI were good for just that – practice. Do not make the mistake and think that the actual tests will follow suit. Make sure that you study your information from Research Methods (reliability, validity, ANOVA, etc). Managing Crisis and Ethnicity in Counseling are other areas that I remember. FSI short courses really help!!!

Another word of advice when taking the practice test at FSI – do not just simply rejoice that you got an answer correct. Try to understand why the other answers are incorrect. You must be able to dissect each answer.

Rob, I thank you for all your help. This study material was great!!

Texas 06/15/2016

Cherlyn L.,, LMFT

Hey Rob and Michael,

I wanted to send you both a quick email to thank you for all of your help and encouragement over the past two years with taking the licensing exam…

I received notice just this week that I finally passed that challenging exam and I am now a fully LICENSED marriage and family therapist in Wisconsin!

Again, thanks for all you both do, have a great weekend !!!

Wisconsin 06/10/2016

Ryan J.,, LMFT

Hi Rob!

I wanted to let you know that I PASSED the MFT Exam, thanks to your help! I received the letter last week stating that I scored a 171!!! I was thrilled, to say the least.

Thank you for your study program. It helped tremendously.

All the best to you,

North Carolina 05/26/2016

Jeri S.,, LMFT

Whew! So sorry that I will not be joining ya’ll here on the forum in the future. Passed the test! Just by a hair! Passing was 144 and I got a 148. Took 4 weeks exactly, to get my results. If I would have mastered Systemic theory, I would have faired better. I agree with something I read here about generic therapeutic practice. It’s frustrating but you really have to be adept at picking THE BEST possible answer but at the same time, not overthinking it and trying to force a theory on a question. Not exactly happy with how they do that!

I watched the CD’s, took copious notes on those and then just kept taking the practice exams. Every question I missed, I hand wrote out and hand wrote the correct answer beside it. I think one of the things that helped me (or that I really liked because I love genograms) was the theory genogram tree. If nothing else, it gave me great confidence when I went in. I know that there were bits of info here and there that just “stuck” better by doing that. Probably made the difference for me.

Thanks Rob!

Missouri 05/19/2016

Renea B.,, LMFT

I am proud to announce that I indeed passed the MFT exam! Thank you so much for the Family Solutions Program. The virtual workshops, Model CDs, workbook, and practice exams were extremely helpful.
Since I suffer from ADHD, I have difficulty focusing on materials. However, the Family Solutions Program is geared to help those who are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic based learners. The use of humor and
Metaphors in the teaching allowed me to recall answers while taking the actual exam.
I am thankful for the times I was able to reach out to you, Rob, through email and phone calls. You were approachable and willing to help! There is no way I would have passed without your guidance.
Much Thanks again!

South Carolina 04/13/2016

Alicia D. H.,, LMFT

Dear Rob:

Your ability to advise and appropriately direct a unique learning program for individuals like me is why I successfully passed my first attempt in taking MFT state board exam. Thank you so much! Initially, I felt pretty overwhelmed when reading the MFT testing domains and associated content posted on the AMFTRB website. Seeing the knowledge requirements made me realize that I needed a structured and organized study plan with consolidated materials, otherwise too study many resources from different organizations would only make me feel more besieged. It felt somewhat risky to put “all of my eggs in one basket” but it was also necessary. I purchased the FSI Home Study program and was very methodic in my approach by reading thoroughly, but in manageable chunks, the FSI study guide. I also studied the MFT worksheets and charts, the HIPPA and Crisis Management materials, watched the workshop DVD, and took the FSI practice exams for measuring my progress.

I am grateful for FSI and for your sincere dedication and care in helping people navigate how best to learn the material and pass a test that at first, seems so overwhelming and difficult. What is most amazing is that learners using your online resources are “known” to you. In other words, we are not just names with credit card numbers who are purchasing products from your website, we become students in your care regardless of the frequency in email contact. I am certain that others know this to be true as well. There are times when weeks and weeks would pass as I worked on my own, and also times when I would write with a few questions from time to time. Your responses were prompt and specific to my needs – as if you knew me personally, somehow based on my practice exams and access to the study materials on your website.

Becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist has been a long-term goal and passion of mine. Thank you for helping me overcome the most intimidating part of the journey towards doing the professional work that inspires me so deeply.

Sincerely Yours,

Michigan 04/11/2016

Keri W.,, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Just wanted to tell you I took the exam in January and got an 84.

However, I was not confident when I left the test. I should have done more study on dsm diagnosis as well as ethics.

Can’t complain though under the circumstances. 🙂

I enjoyed your study materials and it has led me to read more about Erickson and Haley, in particular.

Wouldn’t mind finding some additional training in strategic therapy and hypnotherapy.

Thank you so much for helping me pass the test.


New York 04/09/2016

Maxine P.,, LMFT

Hi Rob,

First of all, I want to thank you for all that you do at FSO! I passed the LMFT exam on my first attempt, largely thanks to your materials.

thanks again,

Connecticut 03/31/2016

Elizabeth Z.,, LMFT

Hi Rob

On February 19th, I took the exam and on March 2nd I found out that I had passed. I needed 140 out of a possible 200 and I received a 171!!!! I just wanted to say thank you for the preparation that I received by using your approach and materials. I know that I could not have done it without this level of preparation.
I went from a “53” to an “86” average over the span of a month.

I don’t know where to begin. I received my degree in 2003 but worked in a different field until 2012. At that time I was almost 50 and having to start over to re-define what I wanted to do with my life. I purchased all of the FSI study materials, when I changed career paths. In 2013 I began working as a therapist and began trying to get up the “intestinal fortitude” to take the licensing exam.

I finally decided to take it in February 2016 and started to study in earnest in the beginning of January. I took my first practice exam on January 16th and I was devastated by the results. I received a score of “53” with the feedback; “Something is off with your studying!! Contact FSI immediately so we might get you on the right track to pass the AMFTRB Exam!!

After I scraped myself off of the floor, I realized that I had the Workshop DVD’s that I had never used. I had one month left before the exam. I was tempted to push back the date when I realized I needed to put at least 175 hard hours into studying. I was determined to use the time that I had and to use the approach on the DVD’s. I listened to the CD’s in my car and dreamed about all the theories and took the practice exams multiple times.

Thank You

Massachusetts 03/04/2016

Claudia K.,, LMFT