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I wanted to let you know that I took the AMFTRB exam on June 26th for the first time and got my scores back today and I PASSED! I only used FSI products and I am so happy that I took the practice exams until I thought my eyes would bleed. I can honestly say that the practice tests on your site were harder than the actual exam. Is that weird? Thank you so much for the service you provide.

Mindy R., LMFT

Texas 07/20/2015

Mindy R, LMFT

I like to sincerely thank Rob Guise for all the support in my journey. I had to take the test more than once, with that said, Rob encourage me to hang-in and focus on what I did not do well. This gave me confidence because I was devastated with the pressure to pass the exam. Even though I have not met Rob Guise in person I feel as if I know him well from reviewing his DVDs and study materials numerous times and many hours, as well as brief conversations on the phone. Rob was in my corner all the way. I’m not a test taker but having his and my families support helped tremendously and I’m grateful to finally pass. I’m still surprised that I passed, but now I can say with God’s help and the preparation of Family Solution MFT materials I can now move on. I made the right choice. Remember that you can-do-it. Thank you for your support Rob. Sincerely Jose L., LMFT

South Carolina 03/15/2015

Jose L, LMFT

Thank you Rob!
I passed the exam back in November, and the NC LMFT board has recently approved my license.
I want everyone to know that your study materials were a huge part of this success!
I passed the exam with flying colors! I know (way down deep) that I could not have done this without your FSI study materials. Thank you!
I had a small window of time to study and pass.
I watched the workshop on DVD first, and the framework of the material began to make sense. I felt so relieved, that (with caution) I went onto your online materials, and it all seemed to make perfect sense…until I doubted myself and spent more money on exam prep materials from other companies. Big mistake! The big lesson for me was about my own fear…and many companies profit from this…
In my heart of hearts, I know that you have created this program from a place of Truth.
And it works! Once you get the historical timeline down, the rest falls into place.
As a single mom with a full time job, I found a way to make it work….through FSI.
Thanks for making this do-able, Rob!
And thanks for helping me through my fear.
Nanette K., LMFT

North Carolina 03/07/2015

Nanette K, LMFT

To Family Solutions Institute and Future Licensed Professionals,

This license process can be difficult, it took me 6 times before I finally passed and I can assure you that you have come to the right company/website and resource to meet all your license preparation needs. I have dealt exclusively with Rob Guise from the beginning. This has been a 2 year process for me as my previous efforts were “close but no cigar.” Each time I was able to call Rob Guise directly and discuss my frustrations and even how my study process could be revamped. Without hesitation he guided me in the direction to “get it on the next try.” From study habits, analyzing my study process, reviewing my materials, offering me other material, and EVEN THE ABILITY TO CALL HIM DIRECTLY FOR HELP!! How amazing is that? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the privilege of speaking to “The Expert” so candidly as I have with him.
Family Solutions Institute is not just the leading company in up to date training material for your exam, they are exactly that, FAMILY. There to help, support, guide, and occasionally crack a joke if you don’t pass.
Don’t take this process lightly, ask them for EVERYTHING they recommend. My materials included e study package, audio review, online practice exams, outcome research, crisis prevention, DVD virtual workshop, model chart comparison and a few others.
This is a marathon, not a sprint, and like any marathon, you want the best training regiment and coach there with you. THIS IS THE PLACE!!

Much respect and appreciation for Rob Guise and his team here at Family Solutions Institute!!

Love and Aloha,
Douglas Kainoa D., LMFT

Hawaii 01/20/2015

Douglas Kainoa D, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know I received my AMFTRB exam results and I passed with an 86.5%!! There is no way I could have done this without taking your course and using the online study program! I have already recommended you to several people in my office.

Thank you so much for everything!! I wish you health and prosperity in the new year!

Steph S., LFMT

Colorado 01/13/2015
Steph S, LMFT

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the national exam and am an LMFT! Thank you :)!
Susanne H., LMFT

Colorado 12/16/2014

Susanne H, LMFT


I wanted to extend my appreciation for the study tools provided through your organization. I utilized the Family Solutions Study Guide (Big Green book), the online practice exams (100 & 200 question bank), the Models audio tapes and a few other materials to prepare for the exam (Nov 2014). These resources were amazing and gave me insight into understanding the strategies needed to pass the exam successfully! Received my letter yesterday…and I PASSED!!! It was well worth the time and money spent!


Barb B., LMFT

Texas 12/16/2014

Barbara B, LMFT

Hi Rob,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the LMFT exam on my first attempt. Just got the news Friday. As I have read in all the testimonials, no way could I have passed without Family Solutions. The last standardized exam I took was in 1979 and I graduated from my family therapy program in 1991. I bought the big green book and signed up for the 100 and 200 exam questions. I was also, working full-time and trying to get a senior in high school ready for college! Your program is a gift but more importantly it works.

Thank you….Karen M., LMFT

Pennsylvania 12/14/2014
Karen M, LMFT

Hello Rob –
I just want to thank you for all the great study materials! I just found out this morning that I passed the MD exam (the passing score was 138 and I got 163). Family Solutions Institute was instrumental in helping me pass the MFT National Exam. The online study materials. practice tests and weekend workshop provided the foundation needed to be extremely well-prepared. I would recommend the FSI materials over any of the other prep materials being marketed today! Thanks again, I am very happy!
Alisa S., LMFT

 Maryland 12/14/2014
Alisa S, LMFT

Hello! I am writing to let you know I passed my exam!!

Thank you for your exam prep materials!

Jodie C., LMFT

North Carolina 12/13/2014

Jodie C, LMFT

Thank you, thank you, thank you – Rob Guise and Family Solutions Institute! For me the key was the 2-day FSI workshop and the study materials, particularly the CD’s. Following the workshop I was able to listen to discussions of the 16 therapeutic models in my car and on my phone in every spare moment. I gave myself 4 weeks in-between the workshop and the exam … and honestly wish I’d had 4 more weeks to just keep on absorbing the material. But I really wanted to try the exam in this, the last test window for the DSM-IV. And, lo and beyond, I passed!

Thank you FSI; thank you Rob!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Susan Carter W., LMFT

Arkansas 12/12/2014

Rev. Susan Carter W, LMFT

I just got my letter yesterday. I passed with an 81 which I am totally happy with. If it wasn’t for the practice tests and material from FSI I don’t know that I would have passed. I left the exam without really any confidence that I had passed. I had already decided that if I didn’t pass, I would resubscribe to FSI’s online material and try to take a workshop. The questions were pretty tough, but I just answered with what I thought was probably the best answer. It took me the whole 4 hours.

Thanks so much Rob,

Grace M,LMFT

South Carolina 12/09/2014

Grace M, LMFT

Hi Rob, I put this up on LinkedIn for you:

I bought study materials from Rob Guise’s Family Solutions for the State Board MFT Exam. I studied almost exclusively from this material and I passed the Exam.”

Pam B., LMFT

New Mexico 09/28/2014



I just wanted to say “Thank You!” for helping me passed the MFT test. Today I got the great news. Here in CT the passing score was 138 and guess what? I got 139…a point (or two) made the difference. I am so HAPPY that I will NOT have to take the test again! I could have not made it on the first attempt without the preparation provided by FSI. Thank you again!

Be well,

Nadia Z., LMFT

Connecticut 09/26/2014

Nadia Z, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for all of your help and your study program. I know I made a late decision to use your program and you were so kind to give me online access since the holiday weekend would delay my DVDs. I am very happy to report that I have passed my licensing exam on the first try! I found the DVDs to be incredibly helpful in my preparation. I also used the FSI study guide and I prepared and confident during my exam. The combination of reading the material and hearing you teach it helped me retain the information well. I will recommend this program to all of my fellow therapists preparing for the MFT licensing exam.

Thanks again,

Morgan Z., LMFT

Pennsylvania 09/23/2014
Morgan Z, LMFT