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I just found out that I passed the exam in Florida. I would have been lost without the materials from Family Solutions. Thanks and best of luck to everyone.
Steve D., LMFT

Florida 10/08/2013

Steve D, LMFT

YAYYYYY!!!! I passed also!!!!!! In Florida, passing is 75%. I couldn’t have done it without the FSO materials! And believe me, I used them ALL! Thanks SO much, Rob!!!

Janis R., LMFT

Florida 10/07/2013

Janis R, LMFT
Scores were emailed out today in Ohio!
66% was a passing score and I scored an 83%
Good luck to all this next testing period! I used FSI’s e-study program for 7 weeks and passed the national MFT exam with an 83%! It was great to have all of the information being tested in one place, as the AMFTRB does not provide you with any study guides or resources. Additionally it was helpful to have instructors available on message boards (and by phone) to answer questions. Finally, I enjoyed being able to find support through study groups and user forums because preparing for this exam can definitely get overwhelming! This program is comprehensive, provides thoughtful practice quizzes and exams, and connects you with people to study and/or commiserate with. I recommend purchasing the e-study program, along with the HIPAA research outcome add-ons. Good luck!
Laurel B., LMFT
Ohio 10/07/2013
Laurel B, LMFT

I passed the exam this was my third time taking the test. For me English is my second language and the materials that I got from your site were helpful!
Paula M., LMFT

Wisconsin 10/06/2013

Paula M, LMFT
I wanted to thank you for the great study materials you have put together and let you know that I passed with a very respectable score. I appreciate your kindness in giving me access to a Word Doc as it helped me to use the book with Voice Over. I will continue to recommend your eStudy program to my colleagues.Best regards,Laura M., LMFTNevada 10/06/2013
Laura M, LMFT

Found out today I passed my exam – 82.5%! Could never have done it without your excellent materials – expensive but effective. Thanks! Kerry D.LMFT, Sparks NV

Nevada 10/06/2013

Kerry D, LMFT

recommend this program to anyone preparing to take the national exam.

Thank You FSI!

Sasha G., LMFT

Floriday 08/26/2013

Sasha G, LMFT


I introduced myself to you in Austin, Texas as following in my late wife’s footsteps as a Family Therapist. I wanted to let you know that “3 is the charm” …with your help. I passed my exam, and received my LAMFT associate license for Georgia.

Thank you for your help organizing the materials to study more effectively.

Kind regards,

Gregory H., LMFT

Louisiana 08/01/2013

Gregory H, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I passed my exam on the first try! Thank you for putting together the excellent study materials! I could not have done it without the FSI prep.


Wendy N.,LMFT

Washington 07/26/2013

Wendy N, LMFT

Hi Rob,
Thank you so much! Just found out I passed my exam also!! Passed by 13 points!!

I just wanted to thank Family Solutions Institute for helping me prepare for my MFT licensure exam! I found the text book, workshop DVDs, audio CDs, theory worksheets and practice exams extremely useful. I couldn’t have passed without Family Solutions, thank you again!

Marissa G., LMFT

New York 07/22/2013

Marissa G, LMFT

Dear FSI,

I spent almost 6 months studying and left the exam feeling so unsure! But, I passed with an 86 in New York! Thanks to Rob for always being so responsive and helpful!! The study guide worked! You can pass it!
Linda N.,LMFT

New York 07/20/2013

Linda N, LMFT

Hi, Rob,

Well, put another tick mark in your successfully prepared to take the test
column. I received word today that I passed the National Exam.

Thanks for all you do to help us prepare.

Oh, and my goodness, there were some terrible questions, but I did not get
flustered because you forewarned us.

Hope you are having a great summer.

Godspeed, LTC Jason D., LMFT

Texas 07/17/2013


Just found out that I passed too! Congrats to those who did and those of you who are studying hang in there!!
Got a raw score from my testing site in PA, not just a pass/fail notice. Thank you FSI. Your study materials are awesome!!

Manisha S, LMFT

Pennsylvania 07/16/2013

Manisha S, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I passed the exam! I called the board today and was told that I scored 30 points above the score I needed to pass. Thanks so much for your help! I couldn’t have done it without FSI!

Thank you,
Diana O., LMFT

Texas 07/15/2013

Diana O, LMFT

Dear Rob,
I just learned that I passed with an 81 – I could not have done it without your DVDs – thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saul S. LMFT

New York 07/15/2013

Saul S, LMFT