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I Passed the test!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much, : )

Olivia T., LMFT

Washington 07/11/2013

Olivia T, LMFT

I passed the test ..thanks to you Rob!!

Linda M.,LMFT

Nevada 04/04/2013

Linda M, LMFT

Hi all,

I passed and in Hawaii they do give your score. The pass threshold was 133, after seven weeks of waiting for the results, my score was 155. Thank you Family Solutions

Scott B., LMFT

Hawaii 04/03/2013

Scott B, LMFT

I graduated 20 years ago but due to marriage and kids I am now finally pursuing my license. I took the 2 day workshops twice. The first time was to help me get started and figure out how and what to study. The second time was just a couple of weeks before my exam. I felt extremely prepared and confident after. I had the cd’s in my car, read the green book cover to cover, and as I finished each chapter I would take the chapter quiz online. The combination of the workshops, study guide, online resources (HIPPA and Outcome Study info were extremely helpful), the quizzes and tests online, and the cd’s helped me pass the first time! Thanks so much Rob! Looking forward to finally putting that LMFT after my name!

-Staci Lee S, M.S., C.S., LMFT

Florida 03/30/2013

Staci Lee S., M.S., C.S, LMFT

Hi Rob,

Even though I had graduated from a very good graduate program with a lot of confidence expressed by everyone that I would have no problem studying and passing the licensing exam, I felt that I needed support and a strategy for studying. Most importantly, I felt I needed to be quizzed and have the opportunity to take practice exams where the answers would be revealed so that it could be part of my learning process. FSI provided such a forum. Plus, I felt that I needed six weeks to study for the exam, by my calculation, but I had only four weeks. Again, with the study materials from FSI, I felt that I could pace my studying so that I could keep on track with my preparation. I am happy with my score, passing at the clinical level, and can move on with my career. Thank you, FSI!

Jayashree G., LMFT

Kansas 03/28/2013

Jayashree G, LMFT


Thank you for what you are doing in the study prep industry for our field. I used the at home workshop dvds and the GreenBook after failing the test 3 times before. I recently opened private practice and after God, prayers from Family and Friends, and then Family Solutions. You allowed me to study in a different way and attack the test in a different manner. I realized this test was not about intelligence or aptitude but rather knowing how to take the test. I have always been a high achiever as a kid I was in the Gifted and Talented program and the International Bacculaureate program. The past failures racked my confidence, however I got my groove back when I saw PASS.

Thanks so much
Kahilah T. J., PhD, LMFT

Florida 03/27/2013

Kahilah T. J., PhD, LMFT

Hi Rob,

I passed the AMFTRB. Thank you so much for your excellent study materials. I couldn’t have done it without your team! Thank you again!!!!

Julie M., MS, LMFT

Colorado 03/26/2013
Julie M., MS, LMFT

Hi Rob,

It’s Hope N.. I wanted to let you know that I got my results from PES and I passed the Pa State Licensing Exam!! Thank you so much for jumping in at the 11th hour with guideance and support, I have no doubt that video workshop and online acess to prep questions provided just what was needed to pass the exam. Thank you FSI~ Hope N., LMFT

Pennsylvania 03/19/2013

Hope N, LMFT

My name is Pinky L.; I am a proud Nova Graduate. I recently passed my MFT Licensing exam on my 1st attempt.” I have been in the field and working actively since 2008; however life experiences kept coming in the way and I never followed through with taking my exam. I recently got an amazing job at BHOP and got a promotion within 3 months of working; which was contingent upon getting Licensed. Needless to say; I felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

I have to admit that I would not have been able to do it without Rob Guise’s assistance and the very helpful 2 day intense workshop I attended before taking the exam.Prior to doing this workshop I had been studying however the workshop helped prepare me and build my confidence. I passed after only 2 months of intense studying (if even). I highly recommend this workshop and the materials offered by the FSI webiste. They are totally worth the price. The Book was my Bible and the workshop trained me to pass!

Thank you Rob and FSI.

Pinky L., LMFT

Florida 03/18/2013
Pinky L, LMFT

Hi Rob
Yesterday I received the congratulations letter and it felt great. Your program is the quintessential study format for preparing for the national exam. If I had to do it all over again I would have gone to your weekend seminar first. My big take away from all of my preparations was your advice to take off my clinician hat and put on my test taking hat. All of the knowledge in the world is often not enough when it comes to the test taking skill sets required to pass this exam. Your seminar and guidance helped me to put together a test taking strategy which worked like clock work. Thankfully I can put that test taking hat in the closet and pursue my dreams in our field. One day soon I hope to be working with a veterans and their families to help them heal and cope with life after combat.
Bless you and all that you do in helping interns become LMFT’s.

David Wilson, LMFT

Texas 03/12/2013

David Wilson, LMFT

Dear Rob,

I am writing to say thank you for the excellent instruction provided on your website. I have learned so much about the application of the theories and now feel confident that I will pass the MFT exam.

I take the test on February 7th. I will let you know if I passed when I get the results.

Thanks again!

Sheila H., MFT Intern

Nevada 02/19/2013

Sheila H,, MFT Intern

Good morning Rob,

I just wanted to say that the Family Solutions Institute’s National MFT Exam course really provided that extra guidance I needed to hone my clinical skills but to also apply my knowledge base in a standardized form. I took the exam on 10/29/2012 and passed with a 78%. However, using the self-serving bias, I can say that I did not have to utilize the intensive eStudy program. Still, I was willing and ready to in the event that I did not pass; I’m sure I would have had a higher score as well. You also provided insight into the practice of MFT that extends outside of the exam. Thank you!!!
Walter H., LMFT

Florida 01/15/2013

Walter H, LMFT

I highly recommend FSI’s materials for passing the exam! For me, the Study Guide, workshop dvds, and the estudy program were incredibly helpful and invaluable. I was able to pass the exam the first time–scored 10 points above my state’s passing score, even after being out of graduate school for 10 years. This program helped me organize my materials and time, and I am positive that without it I would not have been able to pass. Thank you Rob and FSI! Sarah P., LMFT

Florida 01/14/2013

Sarah P, LMFT


I know without a shadow of a doubt that the estudy program was a huge part of me being able to pass this exam. The virtual workshop DVDS were also a great help while studying for this test because it was like having you in the room with you telling me how to prepare for the test. I can’t say thank you enough for all your help and your ongoing effort to help others pass the LMFT exam!

Thank you again,

Tammi Y., MA LMFT

Oklahoma 01/08/2013
Tammi Y., MA, LMFT

Congratulations to you all
I Passed!!!!!!
Thank-You Jesus and FSI…Thanks to Rob Guise for encouraging me to move forward and take the exam and order study material, it was tight but I am soooo glad I took your advice. FSI study material is excellent..it made the difference.

Patrick M., LMFT

Pennsylvania 01/05/2013

Patrick M, LMFT